January 9, 2010

Snow and more snow

Posted in Holidays, Weather at 8:57 am by Liliana

Buried in snow – January 2010

My family owns a little old cottage in a small town on Lake Michigan. It is an unassuming place, but warm and comfortable. To go there is to escape to another world.

My husband Jeff and I spent the week after Christmas there. After all the excitement of the holidays, it was a perfect antidote. We relaxed and watched old movies, cooked together and spent hours reading. I worked on a quilt. And the entire time, it snowed.

If you have never experienced Lake Effect snow, think of snow falling non-stop for an entire week! Sometimes the snowflakes are tiny and come down furiously, carried on a fierce and angry wind. Sometimes they are huge, falling in slow motion, gentle and benevolent. But the snow keeps coming down and doesn’t think of stopping and giving people a chance to take a breath and to dig out a bit.

For Jeff and me, with nowhere to go, it was wonderful being buried in the snow. The silence surrounding us in that cushion of whiteness was very comforting. We felt isolated from the world, but safe and serene.

When our departure day started drawing near and the snow showed no sign of abating, we worried a bit. The roads would be impassable. We discussed the possibility of having to stay there longer. But real life waited for us, and we knew that we needed to dig out and move on.

On the morning of our departure, we woke up to blue skies and sunlight streaming through our widow shades. We could hear our neighbors shoveling, and city trucks clearing the streets. We got ready, had a quiet breakfast and started off. The roads were cleared although still slippery for about twenty miles, but after that, there was a lot less snow.

The next day, our neighbor, Jason, called to tell us that we were lucky to escape. The snow had resumed and the town was practically closed down.

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