January 26, 2010

A bad, awful day

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Cloudy day

Cloudy day

On certain days, it is difficult to find even a sliver of grace. Petty, annoying little things wear at us, like the interminable drip of a leaky faucet, until all our resistance has broken away. Last week I had one of those days.

I did not sleep well the night before as I had a lot on my mind.  We were out of groceries  and all I could find for breakfast was some sugary cereal I didn’t like. It was a cold, damp morning, and my car was out of gas, so I had to stop and fill it up. I came to work at RepairClinic.com, tired and with a slight cold. I felt I needed to  accomplish a lot and I felt stressed and overwhelmed. I was not in a good mood.

I made a cup of hot tea, sat down at my computer, and tried to change the tide of the day. I checked my calendar, planned out my projects, then wrote and posted my daily blog entry.  Just as I started, a warning message flashed on my computer – “You are infected with a virus!”

Yes I was! My computer was completely paralyzed. I called Brett, our IT expert, and he shook his head. It was a bad virus, and there was no way to uninstall it. My entire computer would have to be cleaned and rebuilt.

So, the entire day I had to work on a very old computer that our department keeps around for emergencies. It had none of the graphic or design programs I needed. I wrote  and worked on content but had no email and could get none of my projects done. People kept coming over to see if I had finished this or that, but I had finished nothing.

I couldn’t wait for the day to be over, to have dinner with my family and relax in the warmth of my home. I called Jeff to tell him that I was on my way. Well, he said, don’t rush, things are a little cold at home. Why? The power had gone out early in the afternoon and the house was  dark and freezing! Grrrrrrrrrrrrrr….



  1. Dave Harrison said,

    Those of us here at Repair Clinic.com that have gotten to know you and your family know that as bad as your day was and as infected as your computer was your smiling face in the day kept us warm and infected us with a smile. I also bet when you got home to your cold home the thought of a warm meal and setting around with Jeff warmed your soul as well. You know what the old saying is a bad day with Liliana is always at least a good day.

  2. Cathy said,

    Dear Liliana,
    I am so sorry you had such a bad day. How can so many things conspire to go wrong within one 24 hour period? I hope your computer is fixed, your car is filled with gas, your refrigerator is restocked, and your in-box is less full.

    To make you smile, I will tell you that I am now Serbian and your sister. Ask Branka.


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