February 9, 2010

RepairClinic.com Hero Awards

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RepairClinic.com Heroes

RepairClinic.com Heroes

Years ago we started a program at RepairClinic.com that we call the Hero Awards. There is a section on our internal communication system – the Intranet – where any employee can go and recommend another person for a kind and helpful act. Once a month, at our company lunch, one name is drawn out of the nominated group, and that person is awarded a prize. Everyone looks forward to seeing who the winner will be!

These are some of the nice things people did for each other at RepairClinic during the month of January:

  • Ruben helped Brittany and Veronica decipher customer’s handwriting so a check could be processed.
  • Robert helped Katicia ship a personal package.
  • Dave helped Erika by filling her car tires with air so she could feel safe driving on a long trip.
  • When Ruben had problems with his car, he got help from three co-workers: Jim notified him that he had a flat tire; Malissa let him borrow her car; and Dave let him borrow his tools.
  • Jayce helped Cindy by checking for her and making sure that an order was correct.
  • Samer helped Malissa many times in the camera room by picking up the really big parts that need to be photographed.
  • Dave replaced the sensor on Tom’s truck.
  • Brittany helped Tim by restarting his computer – it had locked up while he was working from home.
  • Ruben stopped at Minerva’s house to deliver something that she had forgotten – it was snowing and the roads were ugly and he didn’t want her to drive.
  • Stephen helped Victoria clean her car after the big snowstorm.
  • Cassandra assisted Stephanie by taking over a call from an angry customer.
  • Scott does kind and helpful things all the time and Stephanie is grateful that he cleaned the snow from her car
  • Ruben noticed that Cindy’s car tire was low and made sure to tell her so.

Thank you for making this company a very special place!