February 18, 2010

Strategies for Stress Relief

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Strategies for Stress Relief

Strategies for Stress Relief

Put things in perspective.
It is human nature to focus on the worst-case outcome in almost any situation. Go ahead and do it. Give yourself the relief of looking at what you fear most and then take a look at the opposite scenario. Write down what both possibilities could be. Writing sharpens thinking and can jolt you out of a negative spiral. Then look honestly at the most likely outcomes, which will probably be somewhere in the middle.

Take action.
The best way to undercut anxiety is to take practical and helpful action. If you get a disease diagnosis, meet with your doctors and make a plan of action. Then concentrate on completing one element of treatment at the time.

Cultivate a positive outlook.
There  is a large body of research showing that people who cultivate positive emotion generally deal much better with adversity. Look for one small, good moment in your day. Joy and gratitude can help overcome the paralyzing effects of anxiety.

Accept help from others.
Just as no problem is created by you alone, neither is any solution. Identify your strengths and make a list of them. Then list the strengths of those you rely on. Combine them all. When you can draw from your own strengths as well as those of the people around you, you’re looking at a very powerful combination.