February 19, 2010

Good News About Avery!

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Happy Birthday, little angel!

Happy Birthday, little angel!

I wrote about Avery Klemola a few weeks ago. She is a little girl who was diagnosed with non-
rhabdomyosarcoma – a rare cancer that has the characteristics of three different types of cancer, all in one. The disease had spread to her lungs (making it stage 4) and her prognosis was not promising. For close to five months now she has been undergoing chemo therapy. When she went into surgery yesterday, her doctors had no idea what to expect. They didn’t know if the surgery would last one hour or eight hours, depending on how far the cancer had spread.

Forty five minutes into the surgery, the doctors came out and called Avery’s mom Sheila in for a conference. No one knew what to think. Is this a good sign or a bad sign? Well, for once, the news couldn’t have been better. The surgery was shorter than anyone had expected – the tumor was on the very edges of the two facial nerves and was easy to remove. The chemo therapy had done its job and contained the cancer.

This has not been an easy winter for many of the people I know and care about. Yesterday’s news about Avery’s prognosis was  a ray of joyous sunshine in the life of all the people who know her or have just heard of her. There is hope now and her prognosis is good. Avery will have four more chemo sessions and then go for checkups on a regular basis. Her doctors will keep careful watch over her. But everyone is hoping that she will be cured forever and that the cancer will never come back again.

Avery has a birthday coming up. She turns one year old this coming Sunday, February 21st. Happy birthday, little angel! May you live a long and happy life.

Avery’s mom Sheila is organizing a Relay for Life team in Avery’s honor. Relay for Life is an event that celebrates cancer survivors, and raises funds for the American Cancer Society.

You can log onto Avery’s team site at:  http://main.acsevents.org/goto/BabyAvery to make a donation or to join Avery’s team.

Also, you can follow Avery’s journey by logging onto facebook – just type in Avery Klemola in the search box – she has more than 3,700 friends already!