February 21, 2010

Guidelines for a Dinner Menu

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Guidelines for a dinner menu

Guidelines for a dinner menu

  • Appetizers should be light and small – clear soups, vegetables, fruit.
  • There should be good nutritional and aesthetic balance – no more than one or two starchy foods; don’t overdo with vegetables.
  • Don’t serve the same ingredient in more than one course – avoid soup with mushrooms and then mushrooms as a side dish.
  • Make sure you give a diverse flavor to your foods – avoid tomato soup and then marinara source.
  • Opposite tastes go well together – acidic/sweet, spicy/bland, hot/cold, crunchy/soft.
  • Avoid more than one strong flavored food in one meal – salty, acidic, smoked, etc.
  • Don’t serve foods of the same color together – for example, green vegetables with green noodles and pesto sauce.

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