February 24, 2010

Quiet Places

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My quiet place

My husband's quiet place

A comfortable home should have a variety of well planned niches for quiet and solitary occupations. Thinking, reading, knitting, doing cross-word puzzles, etc. promote our sense of well being, knowledge and mental acuity. They are a part of the inner life of a home that reinforces and refreshes the inner life of its occupants.

A good place for inner activities starts with a quiet, secluded spot where one feels sheltered and serene in letting down one’s guard. Some people prefer a bright, sunny spot, others a shady, dreamy place. The chair or sofa should be comfortable and support your head when you lean back. The cushions should be soft so that you can sit for long periods of time without getting uncomfortable. It helps to have a table next to your chair to hold your books, glasses, pencil, a cup of tea. The surrounding area should be quiet, with moderate lighting and relaxing colors. A vase of fresh flowers on the table always brings in freshness and a sense of connection to nature.

We all need quiet moments of relaxation and inner awareness, some more than others. Our home should help fulfill this basic human longing and give us the fortitude we need to face the wider world.