March 3, 2010

Mothers are Strong

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Mother and Child

Mother and Child

I have always looked at my role as a mother as one of mentor and guide. From the moment my  first child was born, I was in awe of the honor and responsibility bestowed upon me. I wanted to be worthy of the mission that I was entrusted with.

I have not been a perfect mother, far from it.  There are many, many moments that I look back upon and wish I had acted differently, more maturely, with greater patience and deliberation. But one thing I know – my love for each one of my children is limitless, and my loyalty to them equally beyond measure.

The most difficult part of motherhood, for me, is letting go and allowing my children the freedom to make their own mistakes, to experience their own pain. My instinct is to hide them from the harshness of the world, to cherish and protect them.

Mothering for me means forever balancing on that beam of protectiveness and championing. I do the best I can. I encourage my children to travel. I gently push them out of the nest. I trust them to do what is right and good.

Still, I worry. Mike is in Argentina now, far away from my reach. He is about to travel to Chile, which is still reeling from the recent huge earthquake. Just before they left on their trip to South America, Mike’s girlfriend, Karen, and I talked about traveling children and worrying mothers. I told her then what I have always believed. It is the nature of youth to be fearless and to want to explore. And it is the nature of mothers to worry. And I also said – mothers are strong. We can handle it.


  1. Dave Harrison said,

    From what I can tell you’ve done a magnificent job with your children. All three seem to be on the track to adulthood with good heads on their shoulders and good morals in their hearts. You & Jeff are to be commended

    • Liliana said,

      Thank you, Dave. Raising children is work in progress, as you and Janice well know. The job is never done. You give them love, infinite patience and hope for the best. And you guys have done that for Chris and Ben. They are glorious young men.

  2. lionel said,

    Why is Mike traveling to Chile right now -he must be plain crazy! why not Haiti also? you should have taught him the world is a dangerous place!
    My son, Vince, visited Machu Picchu last summer, but it was okay back then, if there had been a mudslide like now he would never have been there, and he is a strong, tall guy!

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