March 10, 2010

More News of Avery

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Avery, the birthday girl

Avery, the birthday girl

Avery is recovering from her surgery and chemo treatments. She has always been a happy and easy-going baby,  and now that she is feeling better, she just plays all day long.

A few days ago, her aunt Alana took Avery’s big brother, Austin, to his soccer game while Avery and her parents went out for date night. Once they were finished with dinner, they came to watch the rest of Austin’s game. Avery was friendly to everyone, talking and smiling, going to people and sitting on their laps. All the soccer parents were captivated with her beauty, cheerfulness, friendliness and intelligence. Wherever she goes, Avery makes people happy.

Avery’s doctors are hopeful and positive about her future health and progress. To be safe, they will do a regimen of four more chemo treatments. Starting on March 15th, Avery will go to the hospital every fourth Monday for two days each time. Once this is over, she will hopefully never have to worry about cancer again.

Please join me in wishing this little girl all the health, happiness and goodness this world has to offer. She is only one year old, and has suffered so much, but we can all learn from her how to approach whatever befalls us with grace, courage and good will.

Avery’s mom Sheila has organized a Relay for Life team in Avery’s honor. Relay for Life is an event that celebrates cancer survivors, and raises funds for the American Cancer Society.

You can log onto Avery’s team site at: to make a donation or to join Avery’s team.

Also, you can follow Avery’s journey by logging onto facebook – just type in Avery Klemola in the search box – she has more than 4,000 friends already!