March 21, 2010

Women Celebrating Life

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Best friends

Best friends

Every year, in early March, my girlfriends and I get together for a special, fancy celebration dinner. March eighth, the International Women’s Day, is our excuse, but really, we just love to get together, and don’t even need a reason.

We are a very diverse group. Between us and our spouses, we represent a number of nationalities (American, Canadian, Serbian, Japanese, Indian), continents (North America, Europe, Asia), and religions (Jewish, Catholic, Orthodox, Baptist, Shinto, Hindu).

There is no topic that we won’t tackle, and sparks often fly. We challenge each other and make each other think. We confide in and comfort each other. Some of us are scientific, and view the world though the prism of logic (I am not naming any names, but you know who you are!) Others are artistic and literary, and for them, throwing a pot or knitting a sweater takes on a mystical experience. We have a charismatic storyteller and an amazing cook. We introduce each other to breakthroughs in science, new recipes, new (and sometimes old) works of literature.

For this year’s celebration, we met at Ann’s house. Ann made a glorious pasta dinner with tomatoes and vegetable sauce; Margaret brought bread; I made a salad; Jan brought a whole pineapple; Martha brought biscotti; Branka an orange cake, and Jelena wine. My niece Nicole and Martha’s daughter Anna (who also brought a friend) came of their own free will and seemed to enjoy our company. We ate, talked, told stories, laughed and laughed. Everyone was sorry when the evening ended.