April 7, 2010

April Flowers

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Spring Flowers

Spring Flowers

The weather in our part of Michigan has been unusually warm. It rains at night, but days are sunny, breezy and humid. Perfect weather for flowers, plants and trees. Everything is in bloom. The fragrances in the air are those of a tropical garden.

Every chance I get, I walk, but it never seems enough. I am like Kaya, my sister’s dog, who wants to be outside all the time. The colors, the smells, the sounds that surround me are dizzying. I am so happy  I want to open my arms and fly.

Various seasonal flowers are converging in their glory. Crocuses and snowdrops are in full bloom, while daffodils, intense yellow, pale cream, orange-striped, cover large patches of the gardens in my neighborhood. I find a small batch of primroses in the corner of my yard – dainty petals of intense purple. Columbines, azaleas, irises, shamrocks. Pink, indigo and purple hyacinths hang like melting sherbet drops on fragile stems. Violets and cornflowers cover entire front lawns. Delicate peach-colored magnolias open in quiet splendor. Forsythia bushes are making the whole world sunny. And the tulips – well, they are just starting their journey.

All this beauty, and it’s only the beginning of April. Thank you, dear world.