April 13, 2010

RepairClinic.com Answers Questions About Water Filters

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Clean Water

Clean Water

How can I be sure that my water filter is working properly?
The only way to be sure is to test the water that comes through your water filter. Inexpensive household testing kits can be purchased at most local hardware stores and home-centers. You can also contact your local water utility company to obtain information regarding your state or national testing labs.

Which is the best type of filter for me to use?
This depends on the level of filtration that you need and want. A basic, activated-charcoal filter is enough to improve taste, and eliminate odor and particle deposits. A reverse-osmosis system is more effective in eliminating water-borne parasites, heavy metals such as lead, and other contaminants.  You need to know what impurities are in your water, before you can decide which type of filter is best for your household needs.  Again, the only way to know what you need exactly is to have your water tested.

Do water filters remove desirable elements, like fluoride, together with the harmful contaminants?
Reverse-osmosis filters remove just about everything, both good and bad. Charcoal filters don’t remove fluoride but may not remove some of the undesirable contaminants, either. It is important to find the correct filter for the contaminants that you want to filter out.

Do I need to filter my city water?
You should not need to, but you may still want to do it.  To be considered safe municipal or city water must meet strict guidelines, mandated by law. To find out more about the water in your town, contact the municipality that provides it. But, even though your city water is safe, you may still want to filter it in order to improve taste and eliminate odors.

Do water filters remove chlorine?
Yes, they do. Activated-charcoal and reverse-osmosis filters both remove chlorine from your water.

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