April 22, 2010

Earth Day 2010

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Earth Day 2010

On the official Earth Day website, these were some of the suggestions people sent for helping take care of our planet:

  • I will not litter and I will help the environment.
  • I want to use recycled papers rather than new ones so I can save a tree from being cut.
  • I pledge to recycle and be as energy-efficient as possible.
  • We recycle, use canvas shopping bags and garden organically.
  • I will take shorter showers and use a water-saving shower head.
  • I will walk, ride my bike, and take public transportation instead of driving.
  • I will use a reusable water bottle and bring a mug to the coffee shop.
  • I’ll be sending this message to all my students and save more energy.
  • I will bring my own bags to the grocery store.
  • I will pay my bills online instead of receiving bills in the mail.
  • Drying clothes on a rack instead of in the drying machine.
  • I’m becoming a Vegetarian today!
  • My four-year-old sister and I are growing beans to add green to our Earth.
  • I will call the local utility company and check if they offer a green energy program to power homes with wind and solar.
  • I will organize a clean-up in my school and pick up litter whenever I see it.
  • I will remember to turn off the lights in my office every time I leave it.
  • My class will be planting trees and vegetables around our school.
  • I will use the stairs for up to 5 flights.
  • I will work against destruction of forests in India.
  • I will use rainwater in my vegetable garden.
  • I will pick up the trash on the beach.
  • I will use all natural products with no chemicals.
  • I am going to make a butterfly garden.
  • I will grow a tree…

What will you do? Send us your ideas!


  1. Dave Harrison said,

    If everyone else is going to do these things then I won’t need to do any of them. [Ha Ha :)] We recycle everything we can and turn off all lights not being used and keep our heat down to 60 degree’s all winter long. These plus the ones we do a little now & then.

    • Liliana said,

      Thank you, Dave. You do more than most people. Every little bit helps. Hugs.

  2. Bibi said,

    Hello, Liliana! Thanks for your email to me.

    Sure, no problem with the photo, etc. but please just link to my blog, all right?

    –Re: your photo and comments for Earth Day, I will continue to treat every day as Earth Day.

    • Liliana said,

      I will add the link to your blog on my own. Are you interested in doing the same? I have forwarded your URL to everyone I know. I’ve been reading your postings and they make me feel homesick.
      I will use your picture and recipe for pasted peppers and make sure your name and link are prominently displayed as a source. Best to you!

  3. Liliana, just saw your posting on Bibi’s blog and now see that you are in Michigan. As am I, south of Kalamazoo. I follow Bibi’s site because I spent 4 months in Beograd in 1969 and enjoy seeing the city as it is today.

    • Liliana said,

      the world is indeed a small place. My daughter and nephew are students at Kalamazoo College. I live in Ann Arbor.

      Beograd is my home town, my favorite city in the world.
      Please write again.

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