April 23, 2010

Building a Raised Garden Bed

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Raised Garden Bed

Raised Garden Bed

Growing fresh herbs and vegetables provides a wonderful sense of pleasure and accomplishment for many people. By planting your own garden, you can save money as well as grow produce that cannot compare in taste or freshness with vegetables bought at supermarkets. It is a wonderful feeling to walk out of your kitchen and pick fresh tomatoes for your salad. Or fresh parsley for your soup. Or some berries to go with your yogurt.

Raised garden beds are easy to make, plant and maintain. Here is a short lesson on how to go about building your own.

Decide how big you want your garden to be. If you are unsure, start with a 4×4-foot square.  It is a manageable size and easy to reach on all sides. Then level the ground by raking it so that your raised bed will lie flat.

The supplies you will need are: four one-foot-long 4x4s for the corner posts; four four-foot-long 2x6s for the side rails; and four two-foot-long 2x2s for the center stakes.

Once you have your supplies, position your 4x4s at each corner of the square. Then align your first 2×6 to a corner  post. Line up the next 2×6 at a right angle to first. The ends of the 2×6 boards should be level. Make sure the rails form a right angle by using an angle-square. Then screw the two side rails to the post, making sure that the ends of the rails are even with the sides of the posts. Check again to be sure that the frame is square. To make your frame sturdy, place the four 2×2’s at the middle points of the outside walls. Pound them into the ground until they are level with the sides of the bed. Fasten each stake with a screw.

Fill your raised bed with rich, black topsoil and mix in some compost or peat moss, You are now ready to plant.