April 25, 2010

Anti-Cancer Challenge

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Conner is an American woman who lives with her family in south-western France. She works as a nutritionist, cooking instructor and health writer.

A little more than a month ago, she started an interesting experiment.

In Connor’s words, “I am adhering to an anti-cancer lifestyle for a year comprising a super-healthy diet, daily exercise and restorative sleep. I report here on my successes and struggles with the program and hope to show that it’s possible – and even enjoyable – for a busy person to adopt an anti-cancer lifestyle.”

In this week’s post, Conner gives a progress report of her success thus far. As planned, she has been exercising every day for about thirty minutes. Getting enough sleep, though, has been a challenge. She is busy with work; her children have been on spring break; she has a house to take care of. It’s no wonder she has not always succeeded in sleeping seven hours per night.

But with spring vegetables in season, she has been eating well.

“I have been enjoying daily doses of delicious spring vegetables (crisp asparagus, squeaky spring onions, spicy young carrots, tender spinach, pungent garlic shoots) these last two weeks which has felt invigorating and cleansing. I love coming out of winter and eating fresh spring greens; to me, their emergence from the wintry soil symbolizes hope, vigor and resilience.”

Read Connor’s blog and keep up with her progress.

Best wishes to her for a very healthy and successful year!



  1. Bibi said,

    More power to Connor and to all of us who have had (I speak in past tense, optimistically!) cancer.

    I will check out her blog.

    • Liliana said,

      Bibi, best of luck to you and to all my readers. Optimism is one of the most powerful tools that we have.
      I see it’s cloudy in Belgrade today. It is sunny in Michigan this morning, and I am about to go for a walk by the lake. I love your bridges!

  2. Conner said,

    Dear Liliana,

    I only just spotted this (still catching up from my kids’ Spring break…) – thank you so much for spreading the word and supporting the Anti-Cancer Challenge! More to come this week – I’ve just begun the diet part of the Challenge – my favorite!

    All best, Conner

    • Liliana said,

      it is my pleasure to spread the word. You are doing something that helps us all. Best to you!

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