April 30, 2010

Wasteful Things We Can Live Without

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Clean World

Clean World

Everywhere I look these days, people are coming up with innovative ideas to curb wastefulness.

These are some suggestions I got from Care2 website on healthy living.

A Few of the Wasteful Things We Can Easily Live Without:

  • Tin foil — Use an oven-safe pot.
  • Plastic wrap — Use a glass container with a lid.
  • Disposable cleaning cloths — Use a microfiber cloth or rags that can be washed.
  • Paper towels — Use a cloth towel.
  • Disposable pens — Buy a good pen that only needs the ink well changed.
  • Plastic cutlery — Use silverware.
  • Paper plates — Using dishwashers saves water.
  • Paper or plastic single-use grocery bags — Use reusable tote bags.
  • Packaged fruits and vegetables — Go to the farmers market instead.
  • Individually wrapped snacks — Use a container.
  • Disposable razors — Purchase a razor that only needs the blades changed.
  • Juice boxes — Put juice in a reusable glass container.
  • Disposable diapers — Cloth diapers services are a good option.
  • Plastic cups — Reuse porcelain cups.
  • Bottled water — Install a water filter on your tap or buy a water pitcher with a filter.
  • Electric can openers — How much effort does it take to use the manual one?
  • Single-serving pudding or yogurt cups — Buy a large container of yogurt or make your own pudding.
  • Antibacterial wipes — Wash hands with soap and water instead.
  • Disposable table cloths — Use linen or cotton and wash when needed.
  • Facial tissues — Where did all the handkerchiefs go?

What are some of your solutions to a green, clean and healthy planet?