May 12, 2010

A Rainy Day in May

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A Rainy Day in May

A Rainy Day in May

I woke up this morning to a cold, windy and rainy day. After a hot shower, I make a cup of coffee and prepare my favorite breakfast: a bowl of yogurt with strawberries and blackberries. Neither Sam, nor Nicole, has to go to school early, so we didn’t have our usual morning rush. It is nice to linger over the National Geographic magazine for a few minutes.

Mike (my oldest son) and his girlfriend Karen are leaving for a trip to the East Coast today, so I give them hugs and wish them a good trip. Mike has to decide where he wants to study law in the fall, so they are going to visit, meet people, make decisions and hopefully find an apartment. In August, Jeff and I will be helping them with the move.

I drive to work through torrents of rain. Along the way, I stop at a supermarket and buy a coffee cake and fresh fruit for our weekly departmental meeting. By the time I get back into the car, my hair is soaking wet.

I am usually at work before 8 am, and being a morning person, this is my favorite time of day. I am one of the earlier employees to arrive, and after refilling my coffee cup, I sit at my computer and do the most exacting tasks of the day. I can get more done at that quiet, early hour, than later, when things get busy and disrupted by many meetings.

At our department meeting, we go over the accomplishments of the past week, the goals for the next week, and discuss solutions for a list of projects.

At noon, I go to lunch with my friend Josh. Things have been very busy at RepairClinic lately, so we haven’t had a chance to catch up on happenings in our lives for a long time. We run to the car, and are again surprised by the coldness of the rain and fierceness of the wind. It seems like a good day for something hot and comforting. We go to a Middle Eastern restaurant and I order a cup of lentil soup, a hummus sandwich and a cup of tea. Josh orders a thin crust vegetarian pizza. And we talk. Josh tells me about his little girl, Esme; her love of reading, piano playing, her friendships and adventures. I tell him about my kids and their summer plans.

The afternoon is long, but I surprise myself by finishing a difficult and elaborate project. The rain doesn’t stop (or even slow down) so I cannot take my customary walk around our building. I love that walk at 2 pm. It rejuvenates my mind and refreshes my body for the rest of the day. But not today.  I pour another cup of tea and do the best I can.

When I leave my office building at 4:30 pm, the rain is coming down in torrents. It seems like time has not advanced at all since this morning, like the day has collapsed upon itself.  It has been a shivery, blustery, bleak, stormy day from beginning to end.

I very much hope for better weather tomorrow.



  1. Dave Harrison said,

    Aman sister Liliana

  2. Bibi said,

    I actually like days when it is just pouring. I don’t even mind going out in them! Bibi hates them, though. Does not like being wet.

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