June 24, 2010

Raina’s Cakes

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The Margarita Cake!

The Margarita Cake!

On several occasions in the past few weeks, employees at RepairClinic.com come to work and were dazzled with a lovely surprise – a beautifully decorated cake!

The first cake was a pink and purple sphere, adorned with jewel colored swirls. As Roger said, it looked like something out of a cartoon by Dr. Seuss. It was playful, twirly and funny. There was a little note next to the cake that said – Enjoy!

We had no idea who made it, and no one wanted to cut into it first and ruin the design.

I know it happened on a Tuesday morning, because we were having our Marketing meeting. Who made the cake?

Raina came forward. We should have known that the cake was hers, it certainly had her lively personality stamped all over it. She and her husband, Tim,  were looking for a fun project and decided to give cake making and decorating a go. They were so good at it from the first try that we all encouraged them heartily.

We cut into the cake and it tasted as good as it looked.

A few days later we found another cake in the lunchroom – this one was made in the shape of Sylvester the cat. Tim made Sylvester, and sent it to the good people at RepairClinic to enjoy. Employees looked, laughed, marveled and then attacked. Sylvester was gone before I went to the lunchroom for my second cup of coffee.

But it was the cake number three that blew us all away. Early one morning, Raina brought in a shimmering, green cake in a shape of a huge margarita glass. She even had a straw sticking out on one side.

People from all departments came to see the margarita glass cake. Cameras appeared in the lunchroom, flash lights were brightening the start of our day, and the morning acquired that sparkly and elegant feeling usually reserved for festive afternoons.

We can’t wait to see what Raina and Tim come up with next!