July 6, 2010

RepairClinic.com – Refrigerator Advice

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Take care of your refrigerator!

Take care of your refrigerator!

It is very, very hot outside this week and your refrigerator is working hard.

Still, it should not be running constantly, even at high room temperatures. If your refrigerator seems to run non-stop, you should check it out for a number of possible problems.

These are the things that could be wrong:

  • Your unit might have a dirty condenser coil. See our Maintenance Tips section for help in cleaning it.
  • The clearance around the appliance might not be adequate for proper air flow
  • The seal on one of the doors might be loose or worn out
  • It might have a light bulb that is not going off when the door is closed
  • Your unit might have excessive frost build-up on the internal evaporator coils
  • It might have a defective thermostat
  • Your refrigerator might be low on refrigerant

Visit RepairClinic.com for expert advice, refrigerator parts and maintenance tips.

Best of luck for a trouble free summer!