July 8, 2010

Hot Days in July

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Pleasures of hot weather

Pleasures of hot weather

This week has been hot. Very hot.

The temperatures and the humidity in our part of Michigan have been in the high 90’s.

Our cottage near Lake Michigan does not have air-conditioning.

Somehow, in a small house full of people, we persevered. I cannot deny that there weren’t moments when we discussed breaking into our neighbor’s house (he was away on a camping trip) to enjoy the coolness of his whirling machine, but we didn’t actually do it.

And for the most part, we weren’t miserable either. Except for my husband Jeff who cannot stand heat at all, even though he grew up in St. Louis in the steamy humidity of the Mississippi river. Or maybe because of it.

The rest of us handled the heat just fine. We spent part of each morning sitting on the front porch, in the shade of the tall scotch pine, watching birds come to the feeder. Inside the cottage, while eating, napping, reading or playing games, we used ceiling fans and window fans to move the air around. The windows were open for the air to circulate, but the shades were drawn creating a drowsy darkness even at noon.

Branka, Joe and I took long walks on the beach, the breeze strong and refreshing, the water warm. Peter, Nena and Jeff went on bike rides on the shady wooded paths of the nearby trail. All exertion demanding activity was completed by midday.

To keep cool we lunched on salads, fruits and vegetable soups. Then everyone quieted down and people read, or napped or played computer games. I found a shady spot on the hammock in the backyard and dozed happily. Around three in the afternoon, I could hear Jeff starting to practice his violin and smell the powerful aroma of Turkish coffee.

Everyone slowly assembled on the back deck. Now, the front porch was sunny and hot, the back deck shady and inviting.

For dinner, we mostly barbecued. Chicken, fish, hamburgers. We made potato salad with fresh dill and steamed new corn. We made piles of green salad with apples, raspberries and refreshing vinaigrette.

And when it started getting dark, and we walked towards our favorite ice cream store, no one complained about the heat any longer. It seemed like the perfect background for waffle cones and a variety of flavors. Sam and Nicole wanted chocomania, Nena tried dark cherry with vanilla, Joe got strawberry sorbet and I – French silk.

Cool and delicious.


  1. pmdello said,


    Your vacation sounds wonderful. The silence, the visiting, and the little gestures that give life meaning. Thank you for living graciously everyday.


    • Liliana said,

      Thank you, John. I wouldn’t want you to idealize it all too much, though. There were some very hot (and not necessarily pleasant) moments.

      Like you already know, and I have been learning in the past few years, it’s all in how we approach experiences in the first place.
      I wish you all the best and hope that you are feeling well. I love reading your postings and learn something new from you every time.
      Best, Liliana

  2. Joseph said,

    Liliana, via your comment to yesterday to the NPR-ATC Carole King, James Taylor songs story, it’s good to be re-linked to your blog again as I recall enjoying some past commentary here with you.
    Since then, I began downsizing – both myself and home.
    The former via http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Alternate-day_fasting / feasting (‘wonder whatcha think), and the latter by buying a circa-2002 1B1B condo and (emotionally) shaving/shoehorning me’n’my stuff into it – and am deeply pleased with both.
    Lacking its appliances’ owners manuals, it’s also timely to be reminded of yawls RepairClinic.com plus 7/6 Refrigerator Advice.
    Joe Tomczyk – Motowner retar’d in wNC

    • Liliana said,

      Hi Joseph, it’s good to hear from you again.

      I am pleased to hear that you are doing well. I have not heard about this diet before, but after reading about it (on your Wikipedia link) I am intrigued. I will do more research on it.

      How do you feel on fasting days? Do you have enough energy?

      As far as downsizing material possessions, I am all for it. My house is overflowing right now (more with people, but even so) but I look forward to the day when I can live very, very simply.

      Best of luck. Liliana

  3. Liliana, BTW/FYI, my downsizing as above came across the surname of the Serbian family (in whose bowling-alley Denby Lounge on the east side of Detroit during the late 1960s I’d previously mentioned having played with a music combo) was Komick.

    • Liliana said,

      One never knows what connections one will make in life. It’s best to keep an open mind. The possibilities are endless!

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