November 30, 2010

This Time of Year

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Winter Evenings

Winter Evenings

I love this time of year – the interval between Thanksgiving and New Year’s Eve.

I know, I know.

The weather is cold, the traffic gridlocked and people complain about stress and consumerism.

Everyone is frenzied and over-hyped and busy shopping.

Sentimental holiday movies and Christmas elevator music surround us like a plastic bubble.

I don’t care.

I love the energy, the festivity of it all.

I love that the children are coming home – from college and law school and various jobs around the country. I love preparing the house for them, baking, starting a big pot of chicken soup. We sit in our warm, fragrant house, watching movies while wrapped in soft blankets.

On a Saturday morning, someone will run out and buy a Christmas tree. If Nena and I go, we will spend most of the morning looking, our hands and cheeks raw and cold, and our tree will be crooked and dry. We always seem to buy the one that no one else wants. If Jeff and Sam go, they will buy the first tree they see, and it will be fresh and balanced and perfect.

On Main Street, trees are covered in tiny yellow lights, flickering like lightning bugs.

I fall for those lights every time. During these fifty years of my life, I have been unable to build up any resistance at all.



  1. Dave Harrison said,

    I hate the cold & the frenzied attitude but I do love the family communication and the lights everywhere and most people seem friendlier so I’m happy even though I hate the cold.

    • Liliana said,

      People seem friendlier to me, too. Maybe that’s because it’s so cold?

  2. Maria Dungler said,

    Hi Liliana, I finally had a chance to check out your blog. We sat together at breakfast at the GAIN Conference in October where we got acquainted. I was there with a young colleague from Houston, TX.
    I want to thank you for this lovely post. I could visualize what you describe so well. I felt the warmth and coziness of it all.
    Keep up the good work.

    • Liliana said,

      Hi Maria,
      I remember you well. I also remember your young colleague and the fact that her fiance had just proposed. What a romantic AIGA conference that was for her!

      Thanks for your kind words about my blog. I wish you all the best and please, keep in touch. I enjoyed meeting you very much.

  3. pmdello said,

    Hi Liliana;

    Thanks for reminding us of the wonder and hope and fun of the season.

    BTW, my law student finishes up this month. He has been hired by the Oregon AG. I hope your son is managing his first year at law school. The 2nd and 3rd years are easier.


    • Liliana said,

      congratulations to your law student and best of luck to him. Isn’t it glorious to watch our children going out into the world?

      My law student is doing well, but is frequently bewildered and overwhelmed. Everyone keeps saying that it gets easier, but right now, I am not sure that he believes it. I have never seen him work so hard, and I couldn’t be more proud of him.
      Happy winter season to you.

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