June 21, 2010

RepairClinic.com Summer Barbecue

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RepairClinic.com Summer Barbecue and Fun Day

RepairClinic.com Summer Barbecue and Fun Day

Last week, we celebrated the beginning of summer with a company barbecue and family fun day at RepairClinic.com.

After all the downpours and extreme weather we were having in Michigan lately, we were all a bit nervous. But the morning was pleasant, sunny and dry. Perfect for a barbecue.

The tent was already up when I arrived, and people were arranging tables and chairs. Two huge bouncies we had rented out for the afternoon fun with the kids were being inflated. I had stopped at the flower shop and picked up dozens of jewel colored African violets. Wrapped in green and white tissue paper they added charm and elegance to our gathering when I placed them on white tablecloths.

The grills were being fired up on the side of our building, and Lisa, Ryan, Tracy, Shielda and Veronica were ready to start grilling when Raina arrived with the meat.

Alana stopped at the bakery to pick up the desserts – an amazing selection of delectable little pastries, fruit tarts, chocolate brownies, carrot cake slices and napoleons.

When employees started lining up at 12:30, everything was set up and ready. I placed a perfectly done piece of steak on my plate, potato salad on the side, and green salad with dried cherries.  Prizes were given, employees recognized and Larry informed us on the progress of the latest projects and initiatives. I quietly listened as I tasted a delicate fruit tart with light cream and tangy kiwi and raspberries.

After the employee luncheon, we started cleaning up and preparing for the arrival of our friends and families. The bouncies were ready. We brought out the food, the ice cream cart full of goodies, and lots of cold and refreshing drinks.

The balloon guy was setting up when the first families arrived. Children lined up and I don’t think that guy got a break for a second the entire afternoon. We had two caricaturists doing portraits and each had a long list of patrons. Music was playing in one corner of the tent and children danced with full balloon headgear. Others were racing up the large bouncies, sliding down, then racing up again. People talked and some introduced new colleagues to their families. I visited with the little children and held the new babies. Everyone took pictures.

No one wanted to go home at the end of the afternoon. Children asked their moms and dads if they could come again tomorrow. And, I don’t think I was the only one who slept like a baby that night.


March 12, 2010

March Staff Meeting at RepairClinic.com

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Dave and Adam - ready for lunch!

Dave and Adam - ready for lunch!

RepairClinic staff meeting in March couldn’t have come on a more different day than the last time we met. The February meeting took place on a cold winter day after a huge snowstorm. March 11th was a mild and sunny spring day. I wore my sweater that morning, the first day of the year that I didn’t need my coat.

Raina ordered sandwiches for lunch, and my job was to stop at our local supermarket and pick up a number of salads, potato chips and, of course, the fresh flowers that we always have for our meetings. I had placed the order several days ahead of time, but when I stopped to pick it up, nothing was ready. I had to stand and wait while two young ladies chopped vegetables and made salads  on the spot. I have to admit, I was not pleased. But I tried not to get too stressed, or look too impatient while I walked the aisles for over an hour.

The rest of the day went well. We set up tables, filled vases with flowers, and soon people were lining up for food. The lovely spring day made everyone seem relaxed, less fugitive from the cold winter world. People piled their plates high with sandwiches, salads, chips, and desserts, and laughed and conversed with each other.

RepairClinic has an outreach committee that helps needy people in our community. Right now, we are raising money for the Relay For Life event in Canton, MI, so a young woman from the American Cancer Society came to speak to our employees about it. Relay For Life is a two day fund-raising event that celebrates life and cancer survival, while providing funds for research, education, advocacy and service.  Many RepairClinic employees volunteer and everyone is eager to help out.

We have a number of new and exciting projects going on at RepairClinic and everyone is very busy these days. No one seems to mind, though. People are happy that the company is doing well and that improvements are being made. And everyone is delighted that the harsh winter seems to be giving way to spring.

February 12, 2010

February Staff Meeting at RepairClinic.com

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February staff meeting at RepairClinic.com

February staff meeting at RepairClinic.com

February staff meeting at RepairClinic.com came a day after a big snowstorm. Outside, the wind was blowing freezing drifts of snow, the roads were slippery, and huge chunks of ice were hanging from the roof of our building. Inside, we were having a potluck chili cook-off.

Raina, our young events coordinator, invited employees to bring in a pot of their own chili or soup recipe and share with everyone. The response was overwhelming. Early in the morning, people started bringing in their crock pots and plugging them into outlets in the kitchens or the empty cubicles. The wonderfully comforting aroma of meat, ham, tomato sauce, chicken and beans was dispersed throughout the building. It was not easy to wait until lunchtime.

At 12:30, everything was ready for our hungry group. Tables had clean tablecloths, and there were vases of yellow daffodils, giving us hope that spring was not too far away. The buffet table had a wide variety of colorful pots and each had a different dish inside. Here are some of the choices on our menu: heart attack chili; venison stew; lasagna soup; creamy potato soup; vegetarian chili; split pea soup with ham; buffalo chicken soup; while chicken chili; tortilla soup; fifteen bean soup with ham; hot and sweet sirloin beef chili; hash brown soup, and more. Little cups were provided so that people could try a verity of dishes. And on the side, we had chips, bread, and lots of delicious desserts.

Prizes were distributed, people recognized and the state of the company reported on. January was a good month and we were all excited about the new year. With all the bustling and energy at RepairClinic this winter, the warm days of spring will be here before we know it.

January 15, 2010

Monthly Staff Meetings at RepairClinic.com

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RCC Staff Meeting

Staff Meeting at RepairClinic.com, January 14th

Once a month, all employees at RepairClinic.com get together for lunch. The main dishes are a treat at the company’s expense, and employees are encouraged to bring desserts to share. For a long time, it was my job to organize and implement these events, but this week I have passed this task on to my coworker, Raina. We have nearly 130 employees, so making sure that everyone leaves happy and contented is no easy task; still, most of the time everything runs smoothly. Every month we order from a different restaurant, and this time it is Italian food. There is nothing like pasta to warm one up on a cold January day.

We have a large meeting room with tables, chairs and refrigerators (for cold pop and water.) We cover the tables with plastic table cloths and decorate with vases of fresh flowers. The food is presented buffet style, and at 12:30 pm on the dot, people start lining up. Plates are filled  and people sit and eat and converse with each other. The atmosphere is friendly and relaxed. When everyone is done eating, Mike, our  Accounting chief, will get up and distribute various prizes: we have Hero awards for those who have done something above and beyond the call of duty; we have Sales Contests; we have raffles for those who bring food to share.

After this, Larry, our CEO, will give his State of the Company presentation. He will let us know how our company is doing, status of particular projects, and upcoming initiatives. People are encouraged to stay informed and to ask questions so that their voices are heard and their ideas considered. It is good to know what the different departments are planning and how it will affect all of us.

Once the meeting is over, everyone takes a few things and carries them to the kitchen so the cleanup is quick and efficient. We leave the leftovers for the later shift and for everyone to enjoy through the afternoon. I myself pile up a dessert plate with goodies, and savor  them with a cup of tea all afternoon. Then I try to be good until the next staff meeting.