July 30, 2010

Happy Summer, Avery!

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Avery with a broken leg

Avery with a broken leg

Avery has been enjoying the summer – playing with her two brothers, swimming, going to barbecues and graduation parties.

Now that the chemo treatments are over, she is feeling great, eating well, growing and learning all kinds of new things. Her hair is coming back as well as her eyebrows and eyelashes.

But a few days ago, she had an accident. Her older brother Ben was swinging her around and lost his balance.  They fell and Avery ended up with a small fracture in her leg. Her bones have been weakened by chemo, so now she has a purple cast on her leg.

But after everything she has been through, what’s a little broken leg? This brave little girl is smiling and bringing joy to everyone who sees her.

In September, she is going for another checkup – a full body scan to make sure all is well and the cancer has been beaten for good.

In the meantime, she is still having fun. The cast is not waterproof, so she can’t swim, but there is no stopping Avery.  She is finding a way to get around, whether by hopping or crawling.

Happy summer, sweet Avery!