August 2, 2010


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Creating order out of chaos

Creating order out of chaos

My sister Branka is a great organizer. Creating order out of chaos gives her pleasure and a sense of accomplishment.

She approaches each challenge systematically and with purpose. Currently, she is working on my basement.

The task is daunting, believe me, I have been avoiding it for years. But a few weeks ago, the basement got flooded, and something needed to be done right away.

Thank goodness that Branka was willing to adapt this project as her own. My gratitude is beyond measure.

First, she cleaned the place up. We had tons of books, bags of children’s paraphernalia, Branka’s and Joe’s belongings. She went through everything, organized keepsakes in labeled plastic boxes and threw away the rest.

Then she painted the ceiling white, the walls sunny yellow, and the bookshelves sparkly white.

Next, she will be overseeing the tiling of the floor – our brother-in-law is taking on that job.  We bought creamy beige ceramic tile and I can’t wait to see what our basement will look like when it’s installed. It will make doing the laundry almost fun!

All I can say is – thank you, dear sister, for bringing order into my life!