June 11, 2010

Sleeping Well

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Sweet Dreams

Sweet Dreams

Insomnia is a chronic condition in our busy, round-the-clock society. I look at sleep not as a necessary evil, but as an active method to restore bodily health, mental acuity, beauty and to promote longevity.

Sleep is wonderful.

It makes us feel strong, energetic, forceful, able to handle the challenges of life. Most adults need between 7-9 hours of sleep.

To improve your sleeping habits, try these ideas:

1. Buy the right pillow – I had no idea what a difference a pillow makes, until I was forced (by aches in my neck, shoulders and jaw) to consult an expert. The right pillow made all the difference in how I sleep and how I feel during the day. Stomach sleepers need a soft pillow; side sleepers, a medium pillow; and back sleepers, a firm pillow. Visit a bedding store for expert help and ask lots of questions.

2. Exercise – Don’t exercise intensely immediately before sleep, but moderate exercise every day promotes good sleep at night.

4. Keep the air in your room cool – Warm or hot air can cause restless sleep. My favorite practice is to open the windows in my bedroom wide (not so wide in winter) and add an extra blanket to my bed.

5. Think about your day – To calm my mind, I take a few minutes before sleep to reflect on my day. I write down things that I need to remember, so I don’t agonize about them all night.

6. Take the TV out of your room – A quiet sanctuary that shuts out the troubles of the world is what we all need. I try to read a good book instead.

9. Start doing yoga – I have started taking a yoga class on Wednesdays and have noticed that I sleep best on those nights. Letting go of my worries and stresses makes my body and mind relax.

10. Take a bath – A steamy bath before bed makes me relaxed and sleepy. Adding some soothing lavender salts makes the experience sumptuous and luxurious.

Sleep well!