March 8, 2010

Advice for Your Range from

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Spruce up your stove!

Spruce up your stove!

Follow these steps to spruce up your stove this March and make it sparkle:

  • Remove range knobs and clean with a non-abrasive cleaner. Replace any broken, or outdated knobs to make your range look fresh and clean.
  • Most ovens have an interior light but the light bulb might have burned out long ago. The light bulb is usually behind a small glass dome, on the upper left or upper right side of the oven. Remove the glass dome, usually by sliding a wire off of it, or rotating it counter clockwise. You can find both common light bulbs and harder to find ones on
  • If your oven broiler pan is missing, or has gotten so old that you can’t clean it anymore, replace it with this high-quality, low-priced unit.
  • Clean your oven control panel. You can clean any porcelain or glass panel with a non-abrasive cleanser or glass cleaner. RepairClinic recommends Appliance Polish & Cleaner for safe cleaning.
  • Drip pans and bowls serve multiple functions, from catching spills, to radiating heat back at your cooking pan for better efficiency. They also protect the user from accidentally touching internal components. It’s important never to cover drip pans with aluminum foil.  Many electric ranges have a tendency to short out due to the fact that aluminum could make a short circuit at the burner. The foil will also cover the oven vent usually found at one of the burners. Try to clean the drip pans with a household non-abrasive cleanser. Or, you can replace them with either universal pans and bowls, or model number original units.

Your oven will look beautiful this Spring!