June 7, 2010

RepairClinic.com Walking Program

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RepairClinic.com Walking Program

RepairClinic.com Walking Program

RepairClinic.com is the kind of company that encourages its employees to take care of their health. Our Health and Wellness committee, STAND (Stepping To A New Direction) has started a walking program this June and the response has been overwhelming.

This is how it works:

  • All employees are invited to join the walking program
  • Everyone who participates receives a free pedometer to track their steps and a free t-shirt
  • Participants should log their steps every day into an Excel spreadsheet or on a log sheet
  • The program runs through the month of June
  • Participants are encouraged to walk 4,000 steps a day the first week; 6,000 steps a day the second week; 8,000 steps a day the third week; 10,000 steps a day the fourth week
  • Names of participants will be placed in a bowl and drawn randomly for prizes every Monday through June.

Prizes will be rewarded throughout the program, but the real gift to all participants will be more movement and physical activity.

I have been taking steps just to make the numbers on my pedometer higher. It is amazing what a difference that little measuring instrument makes. And, my competitive nature is showing signs of life. I really want to try and make those goals. Honestly, it’s not even that hard.


March 12, 2010

March Staff Meeting at RepairClinic.com

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Dave and Adam - ready for lunch!

Dave and Adam - ready for lunch!

RepairClinic staff meeting in March couldn’t have come on a more different day than the last time we met. The February meeting took place on a cold winter day after a huge snowstorm. March 11th was a mild and sunny spring day. I wore my sweater that morning, the first day of the year that I didn’t need my coat.

Raina ordered sandwiches for lunch, and my job was to stop at our local supermarket and pick up a number of salads, potato chips and, of course, the fresh flowers that we always have for our meetings. I had placed the order several days ahead of time, but when I stopped to pick it up, nothing was ready. I had to stand and wait while two young ladies chopped vegetables and made salads  on the spot. I have to admit, I was not pleased. But I tried not to get too stressed, or look too impatient while I walked the aisles for over an hour.

The rest of the day went well. We set up tables, filled vases with flowers, and soon people were lining up for food. The lovely spring day made everyone seem relaxed, less fugitive from the cold winter world. People piled their plates high with sandwiches, salads, chips, and desserts, and laughed and conversed with each other.

RepairClinic has an outreach committee that helps needy people in our community. Right now, we are raising money for the Relay For Life event in Canton, MI, so a young woman from the American Cancer Society came to speak to our employees about it. Relay For Life is a two day fund-raising event that celebrates life and cancer survival, while providing funds for research, education, advocacy and service.  Many RepairClinic employees volunteer and everyone is eager to help out.

We have a number of new and exciting projects going on at RepairClinic and everyone is very busy these days. No one seems to mind, though. People are happy that the company is doing well and that improvements are being made. And everyone is delighted that the harsh winter seems to be giving way to spring.