June 7, 2010

RepairClinic.com Walking Program

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RepairClinic.com Walking Program

RepairClinic.com Walking Program

RepairClinic.com is the kind of company that encourages its employees to take care of their health. Our Health and Wellness committee, STAND (Stepping To A New Direction) has started a walking program this June and the response has been overwhelming.

This is how it works:

  • All employees are invited to join the walking program
  • Everyone who participates receives a free pedometer to track their steps and a free t-shirt
  • Participants should log their steps every day into an Excel spreadsheet or on a log sheet
  • The program runs through the month of June
  • Participants are encouraged to walk 4,000 steps a day the first week; 6,000 steps a day the second week; 8,000 steps a day the third week; 10,000 steps a day the fourth week
  • Names of participants will be placed in a bowl and drawn randomly for prizes every Monday through June.

Prizes will be rewarded throughout the program, but the real gift to all participants will be more movement and physical activity.

I have been taking steps just to make the numbers on my pedometer higher. It is amazing what a difference that little measuring instrument makes. And, my competitive nature is showing signs of life. I really want to try and make those goals. Honestly, it’s not even that hard.