June 25, 2010

How is Avery Doing?

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Avery is doing great!

Avery - enjoying water and with dad and mom

Little Avery is doing great.

Her body is healing wonderfully. She is learning new things every day and delighting her parents, brothers and everyone who knows her. She is goodhearted and fun to be around.

Yesterday, Avery got to ring the bell at the hospital! The bell ringing at the children’s hospital signifies that SHE IS DONE WITH CHEMO. A new MRI of her neck and a CT of her lungs is scheduled for June 28. We hope it all comes clean and clear, and then both parents and friends can relax and enjoy the summer with this amazing little girl.

Every day, Avery learns more words, NO and MINE among them.  When doctors try to touch the port on her chest, Avery puts her hand over it and loudly says “NO”!

She learned the words Hot and Bubbles.  She has started picking flowers from her garden, bringing them to her nose and smelling them.

Avery participated with family, friends and well wishers in the Garden City Relay for Life event.  This little toddler was described as “the face of the Relay. ” Team Avery raised over $8,000 for the American Cancer Society and was given the award for Team Rookie of the Year.

Avery’s diagnosis last year with non-rhabdomyosarcoma, deeply touched everyone who knows her story. This rare form of cancer has the characteristics of three different types of cancer, all in one. By the time Avery was diagnosed in October, it had already spread to her lungs and was ranked Stage 4. After four rounds of chemotherapy, her cancer had shrunk and there are now no traces of lesions in her lungs.

I will keep you updated on Avery’s progress.

Best of luck, little angel! Keep growing, flourishing, and learning.