September 3, 2010

Happy Birthday, Nicole!

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The birthday girl!

The birthday girl!


Eighteen years ago, today, my niece Nicole was born. I was there when it happened.

When I saw her for the first time, I was afraid to let her go.  Surely, I thought, everyone would want this beautiful baby. And indeed, nurses came from all over the hospital to look at her. Just born, and she was causing a commotion.

Her skin was porcelain white and smooth, her cheeks pink, and her hair dark, curly and thick. She looked around the room without crying, curious to witness this new world.

I had to go home and take my son Mike to school that morning. I remember how happy we both were, and to everyone we met, whether we knew them a little or not at all, we shouted  “we have a new baby in our family, just born today!” People smiled and waved. The world seemed joyous that Nicky was born.

And this baby has made us smile ever since. Today, she is on her way to college. Best of luck Nicolina. You have brought us nothing but joy and happiness.

Happy birthday to you!

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  1. Jelena said,

    Happy birthday, Baby Girl! What a momentous day. I am SO proud of you for all you’ve accomplished, but most of all for who you are. Lots of love from Tetka Jelena. (Hope you see this!)

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