April 15, 2010

RepairClinic.com – Ladies Luncheon

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Sharing food and stories

Sharing food and stories

Once a  month, a number of women from RepairClinic.com go out to lunch together. Every woman in the company is invited, but because of scheduling, availability and other concerns, it is usually about fifteen of us who show up. It is not always the same fifteen, but that makes it part of the fun. One never knows who will come, what course the conversation will take, or what food will be ordered.

Last week we had women from all the different departments at RepairClinic.com: Distribution, Call Center, Purchasing, Development, Accounting and Marketing. Few of us work closely for long periods of time, so this luncheon is a good way to keep in touch, to find out what is going on, to talk about new developments.

We met at a restaurant down the street from RepairClinic. I had called ahead, so we had a large table reserved for us. It was a cold, rainy day, so it felt cozy and pleasant sitting in cheerful company. People ordered quickly – appetizers, salads, pastas, hamburgers. I asked for a steaming cup of coffee.

Veronica told us about her new-born grandson, Jonathan. Her daughter had brought Jonathan to meet us when he was just a week old, and we all wanted to hear about his progress. Lisa had just come back from a trip to Las Vegas and she had stories to tell and pictures to show. There was snow in Las Vegas, which seemed too bad, because the week she was there we actually had warm and sunny weather here in Michigan. Lisa didn’t mind, though, for even with the cold weather it was good to get away.

Someone mentioned the big project some of us are working on and the hours we have been spending in long meetings. We update those who are not involved on the progress made. Diana complains that a number of people in her department have a cold. Then Raina mentions her son, Cody, and we move to discussing children. She tells us about Cody’s escapades, his energy and his ability to fix anything he sets  his mind to. Felicia tells us about her little Sebastian and how he placed all the stickers on just one Easter egg. As we eat and talk, the air is full of laughter and children’s stories.

It doesn’t even take an hour and we are back at work. I feel amiable the whole afternoon – glad to have shared a meal, a bit of time and lots of stories.



  1. Dave Harrison said,

    This is what working should be about. These kinds of meetings keep company moral and friendship at work alive and make the working enviroment more pleasent and enjoyable. All companies should be as socialbe as Repair Clinic and more would be profitable cause people that “like” their jobs and “like” what they do and who they work with” do a better job with less complaints. If everyone worked here at Repair Clinic for one week they’d see enjoying one’s job can be profitable to ones company.

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